Używane wózki widłowe

Forklifts Czapski

Jesteśmy firmą rodzinną z wyłącznie polskim kapitałem działającą w branży wózków widłowych od 1990 roku.

We are a family company with Polish capital operating in the forklift industry since 1990. Initially, our activity focused on repair and overhaul of forklift trucks of Polish and Bulgarian production and platform trucks. We have gradually expanded our offer of service for leading brands and the sales of used forklifts. Since 2002, we provide training for forklift drivers under the authorization of the Minister of Economy. In 2014 we moved to a new location in Julianów near Rawa Mazowiecka in central Poland, which is a perfect location for clients from all over the country.

Our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our customers and partners.
We want to realize our mission of by offering the highest quality products, including professional consulting and service at competetive prices and various forms of purchase (leasing, cash, long-term lease).



We offer forklift trucks from leading manufacturers such as Linde, Hyster, Yale, Toyota, Still. We have dozens of machines in continuous sale. Our offer includes ICE and electric counterbalance forklifts, sideloader/reach trucks and electric pallet trucks and stackers. Sold products are checked for technical condition and undergoing a process of renewal in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.


We provide Forklift Operator Training Courses under the authorization of the Minister of Economy - permissions issued by our company are valid for indefinite period on the territory of Poland and the European Union.

We support our customers in selecting the right machines for their applications. On request of the purchaser we provide assistance in carrying out the technical acceptance of the equipment from the UDT unit (Polish Technical Inspection).

We offer a professional service. We repair most brands of forklifts available on the market.

We offer our customers

- support both at the time of purchase and after-sales service

- our great experience in the forklift industry

- cooperation based on professionalism and reliability of service


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